They Say Not To Make Big Moves When Mercury is In Retrograde

Via @helloemilie 

Via @helloemilie 

I would like for someone to explain to me what this whole "mercury is in retrograde" bonanza is all about. Please. I swear the universe has been off these past two weeks, and things aren't really normalizing. Remember how it snowed in the morning a week ago ago but by the afternoon it was prime patio weather? It's all whack. Oh, and I cried thrice in two days. I never cry.

Does anyone else feel wildly "off"? It's like my brain has turned into a cotton ball and I can't, by any means, un-cotton ball it. That was a wonderful sentence. Amazing.

See what I mean?!?!

Anyway, it's been bizarre...


We've been apartment hunting for the last few weeks. I swear we've looked at every listing in the city. My Craigslist tab is flooded with a sea of pink because we have LITERALLY seen it all. The process has left me with some feedback for prospective landlords:

- Dear people who are trying to rent out a place, photos might be a good idea. Don't quote me on this, I've just heard it helps.

- Why do people think dogs will ruin everything in sight but cats are purrrrfect? I like cats, but they can be real jerks. Dogs are angels (not bias...). Mine is basically an old human grandpa. Sometimes I wonder if he is dead because he just likes to sleep so much. He is 150% my son. 

- If you've rented out the place, TAKE DOWN THE POSTING, please!!!!!!!!

Ugh. It's been stressful.

I'm not in any rush to move but I'm ready for it, and waiting to hear back about an application is like waiting to get an assignment mark. It get's me all wound up in the belly. 


I'm excited to "adult". I know I am responsible and have lived away from home before, but there's something about officially leaving the nest and referring to your old home as your parent's house that is all very real. 

I'm excited to live more simply, with less stuff. I think we've always been D level hoarders in our house -- we don't actually hoard things, but we are guilty of letting things pile up in the basement or in our closets. I'm ready to have my essentials and a few extras. I think it will lower my general level of anxiety and really kickstart my "has her shit together" lifestyle I'm hoping to adopt. 

I'm anticipating budgeting being the hardest because I've never really had to limit myself to things. I am very lucky in that regard, very. But it's all on me now -- rent, Cody's expenses, food, etc. I know I can do it, it's just going to take a little adjusting. But maybe it'll make me eat more lettuce because it's inexpensive and healthy. Or maybe I'll just eat a lot of noodles because that is what I'll be able to afford. It's 50/50.

There's a whole other level of nerves that comes with this move. That's because I'm moving in with my significant other. Though we pretty much live together already, there's something about making it official that excites me and makes me nervous all at once. I've never felt more comfortable with another human being, but sometimes I wonder if we are too comfortable with one another. Becoming a boring old couple is on my list of top 10 fears in life and I'd love any tips on how to avoid this. Is it date nights? Scheduled time apart? Please share.

While we wait, I will be pinning away my decor dreams. Not that I can afford to make a place look the way I envision it but maybe I can DIY something similar. 

Stay tuned!

Ps. I'm writing my last university paper, ever. Naturally, I wrote the majority of it with what I wish was a beer in hand but was actually a Palm Bay because it's all we had in the fridge. Hate myself a bit for that. I never wanted to be "that girl". Not the one who drinks while writing, just the one who drinks a damn Palm Bay. You should be better than this, Kaela.